The E Street Horns toured with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as the horn section during the Wrecking Ball Tour in 2012-13 and the High Hopes Tour in 2014. The group consists of Curt Ramm, Barry Danielian, Eddie Manion, Jake Clemons, and Clark Gayton. They have also performed with Bruce Springsteen in other bands: Curt Ramm, Clark Gayton, and Eddie Manion are also members of The Sessions Band. Manion, in addition to also being a member of The Sessions Band, is also a member of The Miami Horns. Jake Clemons is the saxophonist of the E Street Band and has also joined the band during the River Tour 2016 and the summer leg of the tour, titled Summer '17, after replacing his uncle, former E Street Band member Clarence Clemons, who passed away in 2011.[1]


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